Once upon a time there was a city, a beautiful mermaid willingly kissed by the waves of the sea. And there is a centuries-old history of men from all over the world who have tried to conquer her. In this way, Neapolitan culture, a fascinating maze of reality and legend, has been enriched by the most diverse exotic influences. The most emblematic expression of this aspect is undoubtedly the culinary tradition. Sometimes we pay too much attention to the correctness of information, to facts and history. But every story, and every recipe, is based on minimal and personal human events, which belong to every family and make up the heart of the city.
These are the stories that we want to tell: the smell of ragù permeating the staircases of apartment buildings, the spaghetti with sea pebbles because clams were too expensive, the smell of simmering oil in the streets full of the thousand colors of rags hung to dry in the sun.
The story of a people who knew, and still knows, how to enjoy a slice of wet stale bread with a pinch of salt and a drizzle of oil. From the Phoenicians to the Spaniards, from the De re coquinaria by Apicius to modern recipes, the art of simplicity pursued by the Neapolitan people is ancient and yet still current. And we will disclose this art to you, recipe by recipe.